Four facts about largemouth bass

4.       This species can actually hear things with their internal ears that can be found within the skull of the fish. They will also use the sense of touch to help them decide if they want to eat something or reject it.

Once you learn a little more about this species you can see why they can be so hard to catch sometimes. Since they can see so well this means that they can recognize color to a certain extent and the red and white lures tend to get their attention the best.


The largemouth bass is more remarkable than many people realize. It’s interesting to learn more about this species because it can help to explain why they react to certain baits the way they do. When you know as much as you can about a specific species, it will help to make you a better angler. For example, now that you know they can see above the surface in clear water, you know that they can see you if you’re standing on shore or standing up in your boat. You’ll be an even bigger target if you have on bright colors.

This is something that the fish instinctively recognizes as a threat and they will most likely move on to a new location. It also explains why catching the largemouth can take more time and effort than some of the other bass species. Still, if you use the right bait, have the right gear and add lots of patience to the equation, you can learn to be a skilled bass fisherman reeling in some nice catches from time to time.

Don’t be afraid to experiment even with lures that you’ve never tired before. All species will be picky at times and you never know for sure what will work the best until you give it a try. Practice your presentation too because with this species, you need to make sure you’re presenting the bait correctly if you expect to get any bites. Have a great time reeling in those largemouth bass!

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