Cold Water Bass

The reel is perhaps the least important piece of equipment when the water temperatures are colder. Any functional spinning reel will suffice. Casting accuracy is not very important, nor will you often have the need for a high powered retrieve to bring lure is fast or horse a huge fish from cover.

A trolling motor and depth finder can often be crucial. Largemouth Bass in cold water hold to specific areas much more so than in summer. For sure you want to fish the area of the lake in which the sun has been shining for awhile. Weeds and standing timber are prime spots to fish. In the winter however you need to look for slightly deeper areas, you will not find Largemouth Bass in the three foot deep areas they inhabit during summer.

My favorite method of fishing for these cold water fish is to use a large jig in a very light color like white or chartreuse. I often tip the jig with a piece of pork rind or if I am really looking to throw the best at the fish a live minnow. The key is you need to put your bait right under the nose of the fish in cold water periods. I cast the jig out in a clockwork pattern over the area I have selected to fish. Allow the jig to hit the bottom and then retrieve it slowly. I use a very slow continuous retrieve alternated with a pickup and let drop method. I accomplish this by merely using my rod tip to lift the jig combo off the bottom about three feet. I then allow the bait to sink down and settle into a new spot. The key time here is the time when the bait is falling. It is at this point you are most likely to get a strike. This is where the sensitive rod is crucial. You must be alert and feel for a pickup at this time. If you are in doubt set the hook, strikes will be very light in cold water and you should regard anything that is not natural as a pickup.

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