Where and How to Catch Bass in Texas

Fork however, has dominated the bass fishing in Texas. The thing to remember is if the lake is a good spot to fish in the fall, chances are, the spring months are going to be just as good. Although the bass feed aggressively during the fall, in the spring when they are spawning, you are going to see another type of aggressiveness. They are going to protect their fry from anything. This is a great time to fish the spawning beds and you can use just about anything to hook the bass. They are striking anything that comes near the spawning bed. In other words, you could dangle a hook and a spinnerbait right in front of them and they are going to take it. One tip that no one talks about when bass fishing is the size of the baitfish to the size of the lure you will use. If the baitfish in the area are large and you are using a small lure, the bass are going to ignore your bait and go with the larger baitfish, It is important to know the size of the baitfish and then plan your lure accordingly. The size of the baitfish changes from week to week or even day to day. It will depend on the type of baitfish and the current growth rate. You want to fish areas of Texas were the bass are known to be and fish areas that have some baitfish. If there are baitfish present, the bass will be lurking close by. You will have to determine the size of your lure by judging the size of the baitfish once you get on the water. You never want to estimate the size of the baitfish or you could miss the catch of the day. This is an important part of bass fishing anywhere you decide to fish.

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