Black Bass Fishing

Black bass fishing will be productive with the use of crustaceans for live bait or plastic imitations of these, as well as plastic worms. However, the feeding habits of black bass can also encompass amphibians, reptiles, turtles, and even birds for very large fish. Many males of the species can reach 16 inches, while females are more massive and can be in excess of 22 inches. Females live longer than males, and the general population based on scientific data shows that black bass in Florida tend to be around ten years old, with the oldest having been determined to be sixteen years of age (a female). In regards to black bass fishing, trophy size is considered to be ten pounds or larger, with the average weight ranging between 4-7 pounds (smaller specimens tend to be males).

Black bass fishing is the most popular form of angling in Florida in terms of freshwater fish, and it’s no wonder since the meat is white, flaky, and low in oil. Fish are usually fried for best results. Also, targeting these fish is popular because they are aggressive and responsive, often striking your lure with great force, no matter the kind of bait you use. When you go black bass fishing, however, be aware of any regulations regarding limits on size and quantity, as this will vary from lake to lake.

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