Best Places for Bass Fishing in Oregon

When to Fish Largemouth Bass in Oregon – Oregon is a year round largemouth bass fishing state.  There is fishing in all of the season with specific times and depths for each one.  When fishing in the spring and summer, the bass are going to be more active.  This can be particularly true in the spring during the spawn.  At this time, the bass are going to be the most aggressive.

During the spring and summer, surface lures such as frogs and crankbaits are going to be the most effective.  Night crawlers are also a great choice in these months.  Look for the largemouth bass to be closer to the surface during the day and in deeper waters at dusk and dawn.

In the fall and winter, the bass are going to be in deeper waters and are not going to be as active.  For this reason you are going to need to use more sinkers and you are also going to need to go a bit deeper in the lakes.  The bass are going to be much slower so baits and lures should be used in a slow motion to give the bass the time to strike and take the hook.

When to Fish for Smallmouth Bass in Oregon – The same that was stated for the largemouth bass are going to be effective with the smallmouth variety as well.

The main difference between the small and largemouth bass is that the smallmouth does not mind a bit of current where the largemouth prefers smooth waters.  In any season, you can find the smallmouth bass on the edges of lakes, ponds and rivers in the early morning hours.  They are going to migrate into the deeper waters as the sun comes up and the day gets warmer.  The same baits and lures that are used when fishing for largemouth bass are going to be just as effective with the smallmouth species.

While fishing for bass in Oregon is not typically known as a hot spot for these fish varieties, there is going to be some fun fishing for beginning and advanced anglers.  Check out the lakes and rivers while in Oregon for the best bass fishing in the state.

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