Bass Fishing Lures

Color is the final factor.  With deep running lures it is a very important issue.  The amount of available light and clarity of the water have a great impact on what colors can be seen at greater depths.  As the Earth rotates and the sun’s position in the sky changes you will need to change colors of your lures to compensate for the difference in available light.

Once you select a crankbait the retrieve is generally straightforward.  Unlike a spinnerbait the retrieve of a crankbait cannot be varied to a great degree.  It is a lure that is designed to be retrieved swiftly and attract fish that are very actively feeding.

For deep water bass that are less active the jig and pig combo is a great lure choice.  Many fisherman prefer to use a plastic worm in these situations.  In my opinion this is a matter of personal preference.  Both lure are very effective and should be fished in very similar manners.

The key concept to remember when using these lures is to keep your retrieve slow.  You are actively pursuing fish you know are not very active, your choice of lure indicates this.  You therefore need to try and keep your lure directly in front of target fish for as long as possible.  Just a little bit of movement is sufficient to entice a strike.

When retrieving either of these lures it is important to use the drop technique.  Unlike a crankbait you do not retrieve a jig and pig with a steady constant retrieve.  You allow this lure to sit on the bottom and twitch the rod to lift it off the bottom several feet.  This is the key moment of the exercise.  The majority of the strikes you will get will be as the jig is sinking back to the bottom.  You need to be keenly aware of what is happening to your jig in these instances.  As we discussed before we are actively fishing for Largemouth Bass we know are not in a very aggressive mood.  You must therefore pay special attention to notice any change in your line that indicates a pickup.  They will not aggressively strike this lure as they would a fast moving crankbait.  The Largemouth Bass will pick it up in its mouth and then decide whether to swallow it or spit it out.  You need to take this decision away from the bass by setting the hook immediately after pickup.

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