Bass Fishing Bait – What baits work for catching bass, and how to use?

During the hot days of the middle of summer deep water bass are not very active. To catch them you need a second deep water bait in your arsenal. This is where the jig and pig combo comes in handy. A jig and pig consists of a colored jig head with a large sharpened hook. Attached to that hook is a piece of pork rind. When I use this combo I like to have a contrast in colors between the jig head and the pork rind. If I use a dark jig head I will attach a bright chartreuse or white pork rind to the hook. I believe this combination gives me two chances to provide and attractant to the bass. This bait is designed to be fished very slowly. My preferred approach is to bounce it off the bottom with a twitch of my rod and allow it to settle back down. I will also move it slowly with a series of jerks of the rod tip. I am trying to create the image of a wounded small fish. Remember you are fishing conditions where the bass are not very active. Bass in this state are not look to feed, but will gobble up an easy meal if it is presented to them the right way.

Perhaps the most enjoyable bait to use is the topwater lure. It is the only bait that allows you to see the bass strike it, often violently. True topwater baits are best used in only specific conditions. I will tie one to my line only when it is near dusk and the water is very calm. I also like to see topwater action on the lake before I fish in this manner. When I observe my surroundings and see fish breaking the surface and bass feeding off insects on the surface I know it is time to tie on a topwater lure. When using a topwater lure be sure not to set your hook too early. The common mistake fishermen use when using this lure is to attempt to set the hook when they first see the fish behind their bait. When you do this you will surely come up empty. You must resist the urge to strike when you see the fish, wait until you feel the fish with your rod tip before you set the hook.

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