Bass Fishing Tips

The color of your lure can affect your ability to turn a good catch. Many bass fishing tips related to color are based on water clarity and the amount of light that penetrates the surface at the area you are fishing and the depths you are searching. In conditions with low light, it works out better for your purposes to use brightly colored lures, since these will catch and reflect more of the minimal light available. On bright days in the shallows where there is plenty of natural light, this is not necessary. Bright colors, however, don’t do well in deep murky water because they aren’t receiving enough natural light to reflect through the bog of the water. In these cases, you’ll want to try your hand with a darker color that casts a shadow through the murk, matching the dark colors of the depths but off just a shade or two. Colors like brown and purple tend to produce good results at these depths.

On very hot, humid summer days, seek out a local pond that is known for its bass population and pull out your fly fishing equipment. You’ll find that, on days like this, the best bass fishing tips refer to using imitation dragonflies to attract the fish. During these heat waves, especially largemouth bass become heavy jumpers and will break the surface when you touch down on a lily pad, hungry and actively searching for just such a morsel.

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