Bass Fishing Techniques

Below six feet, your bass fishing techniques take on an entirely new dimension, having reached the “magic” eight foot zone. Most of the time, you’ll find this depth to be more heavily populate with large bass than other levels. They have moved out of the shallows after spawning or back into these areas during the cool of the fall and winter to seek a little bit more warmth than provided by deeper waters. You might try something like a Slider worm on a slider head for incredible results. Really, though, with enough patience to find the area of the lake where the bass are making their habitat, you can use just about anything sizeable enough to attract a larger bass and do well fishing at this depth.

One last option for fishing is to hit the depths of the waters to find mainly dormant and suspended fish, especially in the winter. Bass fishing techniques for turning out a decent winter catch vary, depending on the depth of the waters you are fishing, the type of bass you are targeting, and the typical winter weather in your area of the country. In warmer areas, bass may still be fairly active in the winter and strike at larger, more aggressive baits. However, in cooler areas with deeper waters and especially smaller fish, you may want to try a small bait in a bright color bounced on the bottom or floated just above some heavy brush or structure in the depths to pique their appetites.

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