Bass Fishing Tackle

Bass fishing tackle and lure size should also be customized to the type of forage in the area you are fishing. Look for the shad in the lake and size them up. If you find that they are particularly small, then throwing out a large lure will not attract the bass because it won’t seem a natural part of the environment. Also take into account the level of activity of the bass based on seasonal changes or weather conditions. In cold weather, bass tend to hunker down in heavy brush pile and not come out for aggressive bait. However, a small jig or 4-inch lizard could do the trick by falling slowly and subtly into their environment and attracting attention.

Most importantly, you should consider the size of the bass you will be fishing for when packing up your bass fishing tackle. If you know that the lake or river you are fishing doesn’t have a lot of big fish, you will definitely want to use smaller bait, since smaller fish have smaller mouths and stomachs, meaning that large lures and baits are not going to sit well with them. In an area known for trophy sized bass, you may want to choose a larger bait to attract the larger, hungrier catch.

Next time you look through your bass fishing tackle, make sure you have more than one size of lure in your box. Sometimes, size really does matter, and smaller is more productive!

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