Bass Fishing Lures

Crankbaits are very common bass fishing lures and are probably used more often than any other type of plastics for this purpose. Soft plastic crankbaits work best, looking more natural to the trained eye of a bass, whose eyesight is its most developed sense. Again, bright colors are typical for these baits because they can catch the eye of a bass in low light levels or on bright days. However, in deeper, darker, or murkier water, darker shades are easier for the bass to make out, such as browns and grays that look more like shadows in the water moving around.

While live bait will work as well, most anglers prefer to use bass fishing lures. These are more difficult for the catch to grab and steal from the line because of how they are rigged, meaning that there’s less of a chance of losing the fish and the bait at the same time when some large bass takes hold and carries it away. Bass fishing lures are strong but small (though varying in size), so they can be used for all types of bass, including the small but common and tasty white bass. Next time you go fishing, make sure to have a variety of bass fishing lures in your arsenal, and if one isn’t working for you, pull out the next and give it a go.

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