Bass Fishing Information

What to Fish With

From rods to reels to nets and more, every angler needs to know what to fish with and this goes for bass fishing as well. The type of bait you use depends partly on where you are fishing at and what type of waters it is. It also depends on what the bass like. Bass tend to be choosy when it comes to bait. If they get a taste of something they like, they will go for it again and again but if it’s something they don’t like, they won’t bite unless it’s the only thing around and they haven’t had anything in a while. So how do you know what lures to use?

There are many different types of lures. The ones commonly associated with bass fishing are plastic worms, crankbaits, grubs, spinner baits and top water baits. Crankbaits are easy to use and they don’t require a lot of special knowledge to figure out. Many bass like them and many bass fishermen say the fish respond well to them. Brightly colored crankbaits are great for using in dark and murky waters.

Plastic worms are a long time favorite of all types of fishermen and they work well for bass, too. Many bass like noise so using crankbaits or spinner baits are a great idea. Sometimes a good ‘ol taste of the real thing is what the bass need to get biting. Try grubs if you are not having luck with your other baits.

When to Fish

If you want to be a great bass fisherman, you also need to know when to fish. Bass tend to be seasonal in many areas and there may be more bass lcoated in one place at a specific time than at another. They may migrate during cooler times of the year and your favorite fishin’ hole will become empty.

The first thing you need to do is be sure you have bass available in the body of water you plan to fish in at the time you plan to fish it. Next, you want to be sure you go at a time of day when the fish will be active. Bass usually don’t like the sun so they go deeper under water to rest and resurface for feeding when it is shady. This is why many bass fishermen go fishing in the early morning or even at night.

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