Bass Fishing Gear

One of the most important considerations among your bass fishing gear is the rod you use. You will want to be certain you are using the proper strength, length, and action, especially if you are fishing with artificial baits. You should also take into consideration the crankbait again. Using a rod with a soft tip and medium or light action allows you some bend and give so that the treble hooks on the crankbait don’t pull right out of the bass’s mouth as you reel him in. You can simply apply steady pressure and expect to keep the catch. In regards to rod length, you have various options that fit different fishing techniques. For example, a Carolina rig will be more effective with a longer rod because you will need a good deal of sweeping action to help you reel in slack quickly and keep a good deal of pressure on the bass when it does bite. The weight of the rod can make a difference as well because a rod that is too heavy can actually leave even the most seasoned anglers with weakened arms after casting all day.

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