Bass Fishing Charters – How to Pick the Right One

When it comes to bass fishing charters, there are plenty of options out there for you. First, you need to decide where you would like to go. There are charters out there just about anywhere that you find water. Yet you do want to do your homework too so that you can be confident you will find bass there. Not just any bass either but those very large ones that you can be very proud to have captured!

You can easily go online and find out where the best places are to find big bass. You want to find out how populated they are too. You don’t want to spend time and money on a bass charter for a very limited number of them. It is a good idea to find out what types of bait people are catching these larger sized bass with.

You want to consider the time of the year too when it comes to a bass fishing charter. There can be peak times in certain locations. Not all bass charters offer the same things so you have to do some checking around. For example will they pick up at the airport or are you responsible for your own transportation to the vessel? Do they have the supplies you need on hand or do you need to bring them along with you?

What about food and other necessities while you are on the vessel? Some of them come fully stocked and even have a chef to make you food. Others are considered to be bare bones and that means you have to provide all of it. You want to have coolers of ice too on hand for the bass fish you catch out there. Don’t assume that they will be provided for you – ask. In fact, you need to ask as many questions as you can before you make your final decision.

How much knowledge and experience does the crew have that will be taking you out? Ideally, you want a charter that offers someone with lots of experience. There are plenty of them out there with a passion for the water and for bass fishing. Many of them are more than willing to lend a hand and to help you to have the best possible fishing techniques available.

What types of guarantees are offered by the charter? Some of them offer to take you out to private fishing areas for bass that the common person won’t know about. Others offer you a guarantee that you will get at least a certain number of bass while out there on your fishing expedition. How they will compensate you depends on what type of offer they make.

While you want to have an excellent time out there on the bass fishing charter, you also need to make safety a huge priority. Make sure you carefully evaluate the fishing charter company in advance. They need to have enough life jackets on board for everyone. If you are renting a larger charter then you also need to make sure you have adequate crew members to take care of things.

What is the overall cost of the bass fishing charter? You will find that this varies depending on where you travel, when you travel, and who you hire. It will also depend on the size of the charter, the amenities it offers, and the number of days you plan to be onboard. The internet is a great way for you to compare prices and to look at what is offered.

It can also be a great place to find discounts so you can save money on the bass fishing trip you want. Any time you see a promo box offering you room for a discount you should be looking for one. The best way to do this is to open up a second browser and then enter keywords into a search engine. As you find a promo code just copy it, paste it, and you can see the discounts readily applied to your options.

Before you pay for any bass fishing charters though you need to read through all of the fine print. What is it that they can offer you for that cost? You definitely want to make sure they aren’t going to tack on any hidden fees. It is customary to have to pay a deposit before you travel in order to secure the charter.

Find out if you will be able to get that money back if you can’t go on the trip. Sometimes circumstances occur that we can’t control. Never send cash for the deposit either. Instead, you need to use a check, money order, or a credit card. This will provide you with some verification that the deposit was indeed made. Ask for all of the information relating to the bass fishing charter to be placed in writing.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow bass fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on bass fishing since 2004.

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