Bass Fishing Bait

he color of your jigs affects their success as a bass fishing bait. For example, if you are fishing clear waters, you should use light colors, like white, green, and chartreuse. These better resemble the transparence of a crawfish tail and are less suspicious to easily spooked bass. In murkier waters, you’ll want to use a darker color for a bit of contrast, like black, brown, and purple. Keep a variety of colors on hand because changing the color of your jig is one of the most economical ways to improve your results when the bass just aren’t biting.

Certain techniques should be employed when using jigs as bass fishing bait. In most cases, using it as a drop bait is most successful. This means casting toward the bank and engaging the spool, making sure the jig falls on tight line. Upon touchdown at the bottom, you’ll drop the rod tip, take up the slack, and then draw it back a bit. This will cause the jig to move slightly and then drop again. You can also use these around stumps, grass, logs, and other cover as casting lures or swim them at a steady pace with the rod at 10 o’clock. This is especially popular when fishing the flats during springtime, where large quantities of bass are spawning. Just remember that when a bass bites a jig, you may just feel a slight twitch rather than a jerk, so be prepared and maintain a close eye on your bass fishing bait at all times.

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