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One of the best times to go bass fishing is at night. This is because the bass are more aggressive during the night and it’s also when the larger species will be the most active. It can also be more peaceful because there are less distractions from other anglers and boaters out on the water running around scaring the fish away.

Some species of bass move around a lot so if you’re not having any luck getting bites after about fifteen or twenty minutes, you may want to move on to another part of the water and try your hand. You can use a fish finder and other types of electronics to help you locate this species as well. Once you find them, use a technique that will allow you to get the bait in the area where they are without scaring them away.

You can catch bass using a variety of methods including trolling, casting, drift fishing and still fishing. Make sure that the gear you use is in good shape and always take along extra fishing line, lures and other gear so you’ll be prepared for anything. You wouldn’t want to call it a night and go home if your line breaks but if you don’t have extra, you won’t have a choice.

Bass fishing is fun and exciting and the bass assassin lures make it even more interesting. Still, before you go out, you need to make sure you put safety first. Being out on the water can be dangerous and you need to make sure you follow all the rules and regulations associated with boating and being on the water. You should also know the rules that govern bass fishing in the area where you’re fishing to make sure you are following them completely. It would be a shame for a great fishing day to be ruined by getting fined for breaking rules you didn’t even know about.

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