Basic Bass Fishing Gear

Some may not want as much action on the rod and will go with a denser tip that will only show a true strike when the bass takes the bait. These heavier rods are great for jumping frogs on lily pads or for sending spinning-bait into deep waters and slowly reeling them back. This technique allows the fish to become intrigued by the bait and to strike at it.

You also want to have a few items for your tackle box when fishing for bass. The first item you will want is a frog. In fact, you will want to have more than one. There are chances of losing the frogs in the lily pads just by the nature of the hopping technique used.

Until you get this technique down, you may lose a few frogs.  Frogs come in a couple of sizes and styles. Having a good selection will allow you to know which frog the bass prefer on that day or at that particular day. This bait is best used from May and into the summer months when frogs would naturally be active. The bass will be looking for them and you have a better chance at catching a fish with this bait during this time.

If you really want to have the most basic bass fishing gear then you need to have a variety of grubs to choose from as well. These also come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They are not very expensive so having a variety will not cost much. Just make sure that they are soft and pliable. Once they go hard, they are useless and should be thrown out and not used for fishing. You will simply be wasting your time.

You will also want to have some spinning-bait that is different weights for different fishing areas. Lighter ones will work in shallow or vegetated waters while the heavier ones will work great in the deeper water fishing areas. Having these items will give you success when fishing for bass in any area.

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