Arizona Bass Fishing Locations and Tips

The challenge of fishing for bass, coupled with its availability and closeness to the major urban areas in Arizona, has made it one of the most popular fishing activities in the state. Bass are found in practically all the waters in Arizona. The only exceptions are the cold water habitats that are just too chilly for the bass population. Bass are great predators, and often take bait when they are not even hungry, due to their aggressive tendency to want to rid their territory of other creatures. Large bass are particularly possessive of their territories. Large and small mouth bass are the two most popular species of bass in Arizona.

Bass are great fighters, so a heavier than normal rod and reel is usually used in order to stand up to the struggle. Anywhere from a five to a eight weight rig can be used effectively. You need to be prepared to throw heavily weighted streamers effectively if you plan to fish for bass. Bass are not as picky or as spooky as trout, and you can usually catch your limit using surface poppers and streamers.

Largemouth bass tend to be very strong and ferocious fighters. Early in the morning or later in the day about dusk, you can use a deep hair popper designed for top water action, very effectively—particularly around structures, cover, or shorelines.

Smallmouth bass are among the best fighters in the world of fishing. They are aggressive and energetic, providing plenty of action so that nobody fishing for smallmouth bass gets bored. These cousins to the largemouth bass prefer cold, windy, somewhat overcast days and can even be caught readily during the nastiest weather. For these reasons, you will want a somewhat heavy, sturdy rod and reel for fishing smallmouth bass.

Bass fishing throughout Arizona is outstanding. For your next Arizona bass fishing adventure, plan to visit one of these locations.

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