Al Foss Fishing Lures

The Shimmyette Fly Rod Wiggler – These are fairly difficult to find and so small that the tin box itself is smaller than a penny.

These are some of the most popular Al Foss fishing lures and some of them can still be found today but they are mostly used as collectibles. Still, they can be pulled out and used to fish with from time to time with some excellent results, when you’re in the mood to see how it was done years ago.

Why Collect Antique Fishing Lures

Collecting fishing lures is a hobby that many anglers enjoy doing. Now, you may be wondering why anyone would collect antique fishing lures such as the Al Foss collection and there are many reasons why this is such a popular hobby. For starters, it’s very interesting to see the difference and the similarities between the lures of old and the ones being created today.

You might even be surprised the first time you take a close look and compare the two. Today, technology has made it possible to make lures out of materials that can give it a more realistic look but one thing that hasn’t changed, is making lures that resembles insects and small fish.

Another reason people collect antique lures is because it’s simply lots of fun. Most all antique fishing lures come with an interesting story behind them. It’s like collecting a piece of history that you can keep with you at all times. You can find many of these lures being sold online or you can seek out antique stores that carry a wide variety of items. Estate sales, auctions and flea markets are also great places to search for antique lures.

New modern lures may have a sleek look and closely resemble live bait but the old Al Foss fishing lures still have a lot of appeal and can still entice the fish to strike. If you’re interested in starting up your own collection of Al Foss fishing lures, keep in mind that the price varies considerably. You can get some of them for reasonably low prices and others can be quite expensive. It all depends on how rare the lures are. Have fun searching for your collection and discovering some of the secrets that antique fishing lures can hold.

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