Bass Fishing Lures

You should select topwater lures the same way you select your cranks. You can mix up different sizes and colors. You can also choose some that make noise to help attract the bass. Some popular top waters are shaped like lizards, frogs or snakes that seem to swim on the water.

With jigs and plastic lures, variety is also ideal. Get some darker colors such as blue, deep brown, purple, etc. Make sure you also choose hooks and sinkers that properly match the size and shapes of your jigs and lures.

Using Bass Fishing Lures

The technique you use varies according to the type of lure you are using and the conditions you are fishing in. If you%u2019re using plastic worms and jigs, you should cast the line out and give it time to hit the bottom. Most bass will bite before it hits so if it hits the bottom with no nibble, try twitching the line a little to see if you have anything and if not, you may need to recast.

You should also try to be sure your crank baits match the colors of batifish in the water where you are fishing so the bass believe they are realistic. Bass can sometimes be harder to fish for because they have hard jaws and the hook does not always set effectively. Try different speeds and patterns and then different lures until you find something that works for your particular situation.

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