Which Gambler Boat Is Right For You?

The gambler bass boat is of the most popular boats on the market today. It is an excellent choice for a bass boat and one that you can be proud of. Purchasing a bass boat is a huge investment so you need to be careful and get the one that you will truly enjoy but how do you pick the right gambler bass boat for your needs? The information below should be able to help you out.

Gambler bass boats are considered the fastest and most preferred designs on the market today. They have so much to offer the angler. One of the special features that gambler boats offer is the one-of-a-kind system called the T.A.C. This stands for “Total Attitude Control”. What it means is that you have more control over this boat than any other models on the market. Stainless steel tabs are built-in under the hull. When used in combination with the hydraulic jackplate you have the control needed to keep your boat level in shallow water. It is designed to be used by an electronically controlled system for convenience.

Gambler and Dupont worked together to develop a system that is used to strengthen the “back structure” of the hull where the inner and the outer hull mold are bolted together. Not only has this system made these bass boats stronger but they have made them lighter as well, which helps to increase their speed. It is because of this unique design that the Gambler bass boats can offer a lifetime hull warranty.

Types of Gambler Boats

There are several different types of Gambler bass boats sold on the market today. All of them have their own special features that make them unique. Below is a list of some of the names of the bass boats that are designed by Gambler.

The Intimidator
The Outlaw
The DC
The Pro
The Dale Earnhardt
The Victory
The SS
The TE
The GE

Of course, these come in a variety of models that were designed in different years. In other words, you can buy the Intimidator that was designed starting in the year 1991 and go all the way up to the year 2008. All models are not available in every year but some of them are. Therefore, the best one for you will all depend on your individual needs.

Basic Information

Gambler set out over twenty years ago to make the best bass boats ever designed and many anglers would agree they have been successful. In the year 1985 they became famous for their unique and revolutionary design called the “Raised Flipping Deck” and they continue to make history with many of their modern designs as well. Some of their features that remain exclusive only to this company include the “Double Hull Foam Core Construction” and the “Hydrolock Hull Design”.

No other company uses these features in the design of their boats although; many of the other features of the original Gambler bass boats have become standard features for the boating industry. Three of these include the “Offset High Performance Transom”, “All Composite Construction” and the “Quick Draw Tackle System”.

Other wonderful features that you will enjoy with the gambler bass boats are designs that make your bass fishing experiences more enjoyable and convenient. These include the large livewells that are designed with a fill aerate and a water pump-out system. They are easier to use and to keep maintained. Lights were even added to the livewells to improve night fishing. Many of the front decks are designed with rod boxes, organizers and retractable rod straps. The rear deck has two tackle boxes along with additional storage and more. The hull fittings have even been changed to a snap-tight design that is secure and easy to use.

The team that is involved in the making of these boats is described as being the most skilled craftsmen found in this profession. With each design made they have strived to improve every aspect of the bass boat with great success. Gambler bass boats have been enhanced throughout the years when it comes to the speed they can travel, their durability and the overall performance of the boats made. Only the best materials and designs go into a gambler bass boat. The gambler bass boats definitely live up to their reputation.

Only you can decide which gambler bass boat would be right for your individual needs. You will have to determine your needs, how often you plan to use the boat, where you will be placing it in the water and how much money you have to spend on your investment. However, using the information above along with considering your personal needs will help you make a wise decision. Have fun bass fishing on your new Gambler bass boat.

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