Tips For Making Fishing Lures

The best types of wood to use for fishing lures are basswood and balsa. They are easier to work with and make great lures.

Invest in some quality paints for decorating your homemade fishing lures. The better the paint used the longer the lures will last. It will also make them look more realistic so you can get the best results.

After making your lures you are ready to go fishing. Make sure that you always try to present your lures in a natural way. It is your job to make the fish interested in the lure so they will take your bait. If you move the lure in unnatural ways the fish will ignore it and you will very seldom get a bite. All fish species strike at things that are familiar to them so keep it simple and as natural as you can. Make your cast as accurate and close to the strike zone as possible and you will have the most success.

Making your own fishing lures can be very rewarding and lots of fun. Imagine how exciting it can be to reel in the fish on lures that you made yourself. When telling your fishing stories you can add that you caught all those fish on lures you designed and made yourself. You may even have friends asking for a few of them so they can enjoy the same success that you are having.

It may not be as hard to make lures as you previously thought although; it may take a little practice before your lures turn out perfect every time. If you have thought about making your own lures in the past now is the time to gather up your supplies and get started. Who knows, it may turn out to be your favorite hobby, next to fishing that is.

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