Killer Bass Fishing Tubes

Other methods include the Carolina rig, Texas rig and the drop- shot rig. The Carolina rig is the most complicated method used because the weight is placed about two feet above the tube, which is left weightless.

The weight will land on the bottom of the water and the tube will be bouncing around a couple of feet from the bottom. The weight will stir up the mud on the bottom while making a clicking sound as it hits. This will get the attention of the bass and they will notice the tube floating just above where all the excitement is coming from and be attracted to your bait.

Rigging a tube Texas style is very popular and easy. Attach the bullet weight to the line followed by the hook and then put the tube on last. Pass the hook through the nose of the tube and then back into the hollow center of the tube.

This makes it good for fishing in weeds and grassy areas because the point is inside the tube where it won’t get hung up on the obstacles. This method is perfect when using the flipping and pitching technique.

The drop-shot rigging method is very simple and easy to use. All you need to do is insert a jig head into the hollow part of the tube. This method causes the tube to skip through the water getting the attention of the bass. You will get a different action depending on where you place the insert. Push it all the way forward to make the tube fall fast and for it to have very little spiral motion, push it back from the front of the tube and it will increase the spiral action and fall slower. It is best used in open waters.

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