How To Catch Sea Bass

Just cast your line out at least 200 yards, but really as far as you can. You can set your drag to a light drag as soon as you feel the bite. Lift the tip of your rod up about three feet, and start reeling. The key is to not force the fish, but reel when he will let you. You really allow the fish to tire himself out, and then you just easily reel him in. There are more bass lost by experienced anglers when they try to muscle the fish in then there are by inexperienced anglers who allow the bass to tire themselves.

Black sea bass are primarily bottom feeders. If you concentrate on areas that have structure, such as piers, reefs, or wreckage, you are likely to find the black sea bass that naturally gravitate to these areas. Often locating a good area is the best guarantee for a successful fishing trip. Another good tip is that you will normally find black sea bass in areas at least 120 feet deep.

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