Bluegill Nightfishing Tactics For Hauling Them In Hand Over Fist

Anytime you go nightfishing for bluegill there is one more essential piece of equipment that you must have before you can even hope to reel in this species. Without it you will probably go home empty handed. This vital tool is the fishing lantern. The bluegill will not bite when it is dark, no exceptions.

Therefore, you must trick them into thinking it is daylight. Using a floating lantern would be the best but any type that illuminates the water will work.

The light will give the illusion of the sun shining through the water and begin drawing aquatic insects to your location, followed by the bluegills. This is your chance to reel in a nice catch. There are a variety of fishing lanterns available on the market today so it should be easy to find what you are searching for. It is always a good idea to carry along two or three lanterns when you go nightfishing so you will be prepared if one of them were to stop working for some reason.

After fishing a spot for about fifteen to twenty minutes if you have not caught any fish or even gotten a bite you should move on to another spot. More than likely, there is not any bluegill in that area. Using these tactics can help you to be more successful when nightfishing for bluegills but keep in mind, dusk and dawn is still the best time to go. Have fun and good luck reeling in the bluegills!

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