What’s New With Bass Fishing Lures

Next, is the Foxy Craw by Culprit. It comes in a nine count package and is about four inches long. This new soft bait has an exceptionally sleek design that facilitates easy presentation for flipping into heavy cover like thick hydrilla or exceptionally heavy mats.

The exceptionally realistic, vigorous vibration of the legs, split tail, and craws in the water act as an enticement to cause the fish to bite. When movement stops, the tail and legs tend to float up and down making the Foxy Craw appear very lifelike.

Try Texas rigging this lure and you can cast right into the lily pads and sparse grasses. It can also be flipped with a heavy weight into heavier cover or Carolina rigged through hydrilla.

Should you try any of these new bass fishing lures, be sure to take the time to give them a review.  Many of the newest models are fantastic options, but there are some great old, tried and true models as well.

The bet course of action is to choose a bass fishing lure that you feel comfortable using.  Or, test out something new. It can never hurt to try something new especially when you get fabulous results.

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