Topwater Bass Fishing Secrets

It is as simple as that. The bait should stay on the surface, where it will attract the bass and make for an excellent bass fishing experience.

You may also want to try the Torpedo. The Torpedo is a great bait for topwater fishing because you can cast it just about anywhere and still get results. Simply allow it to remain in one place and twitch it periodically. It will mimic dragonflies and other similar insects that are active on the water without trying to make their presence known. This will most definitely attract the bass.

In terms of the nature of the lures themselves, if you do not want to try out either of the above then use chartreuse coloured bait. This has proved time and again to be effective for topwater fishing. The bass love the colour and will actively bite as and when possible. As such, it is one of the secrets of topwater fishing that you definitely should consider! If you combine it with all of the other secrets above then you will find it an enjoyable experience.

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