Smallmouth Bass Fishing In Maine

Another popular smallmouth bass fishing lake is South Branch Lake. This is a warm water place to fish. The lake is more idea than cold water for bass, but it seems that the bass in Maine like any temperature of water. The South Branch Lake has many rocky structures and islands where the bass hang. The spawning is done around these areas. The baitfish are also in abundance in these areas and that is why the bas stay close to these particular areas.

Indian Pond has been a real surprise with some nice sized smallmouth bass coming from this man made pond. The bass are weighing in at three to four pounds. The pond is only about twenty-eight years old, but the bass fishing is superb. There are cabins near the pond so you can spend a few days close by the pond. Imaging waking up every morning and heading out the door to catch some fish for dinner.  Many anglers have come away with their fill of bass for the day. Maine sure has become a hot spot for bass fishing these past few years.

Then you have some other popular lakes in Maine for fishing smallmouth bass are Machias, Wabbassus and Pocumcus as well as Sysladobsis. These lakes have been producing some great smallmouth bass for years. The Months of May through September are the best times to fish these lakes. You can easily use live bait or even artificial bait to catch the bass. It is easy to catch a four or five pound fish. When you are looking for something to do, Maine is the place to go for the incredible smallmouth bass fishing. It is a paradise just waiting for anglers to arrive.

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