Where To Go Bass Fishing in Texas

Choke Canyon – This area really has some excellent bass fishing action at the moment. The waters in the canyon have risen significantly in the past few years and the bass populations have steadily risen. The population also continues to rise as well. Choke Canyon may not be the first choice for many at the moment but it is one to keep an eye on for the future. If none of the above catch your eye or maybe are not as near to you as you would like then there are plenty of others to choose from. For example, you can try

Amistad Reservoir, which is becoming incredibly popular because of the huge catch rates that are possible! There are also the Lakes Buchanan, Toledo Bend and Rayburn, as well as areas like Mill Creek and the Colorado River.  All of those areas are fantastic for bass fishing, but make sure that you consult the latest bass fishing reports before you head to any location just to make sure that the population and conditions for bass are exactly how you would like them to be! That way, you can make the most of a day on the lakes or rivers in Texas and find the perfect spot for you!

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