Where Do Largemouth Bass Fish Live

You know they like to gather around all types of structure and wait for their prey so this would be the main places that you would search for them, not out in the open. Keep in mind that the largemouth bass will respond differently depending on what season you go fishing. They follow certain patterns all year long and learning what these patterns are, will make it easier for you to locate them at any given time. You can also enlist the help of electronics to make it easier and faster to find where the largemouth bass are gathered together.

Basic Information
You never know exactly what types of bait will attract the largemouth bass at any given time. Therefore, it’s recommended that you always carry a variety of different baits with you at all times. Live baits are always a good choice but they’re not always practical. Spinnerbaits, crankbaits and plugs seem to be very effective most of the time. The largemouth bass can be caught using top water lures, jigs and worms as well. Many anglers will use a combination of live and artificial baits.

Top water lures are perfect for fishing in weeds and grassy areas while spinnerbaits and plugs will yield some great results when used in shallow water. Plastic worms and jigs work great in deep waters. Crankbaits are recommended for all depths ranging from the deepest parts of the water to the shallows.

Whichever types of bait that you decide to use, it’s vital that you present it correctly. This means always making sure it moves in a natural and realistic way. Otherwise, the bass will simply ignore its existence and look for something more interesting. Don’t reel in your line too fast or make your bait swim backwards or in any other weird position if you want to be a success.

Take time to practice your presentation and it will pay off.

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