Changing Your Techniques Based On Lake Seminole Bass Fishing Forecasts

If the day is overcast, you can count on the bite until about 11:00 AM. This is about a half hour difference in prime fishing time for largemouth bass and the sunshines. If a largemouth bass can see the target at all, they will usually bite a topwater lure.

These feeding frenzies continue from about mid July through September. August is usually consider the best month of all for hybrid fishing, though. Late in February, you will have to change your technique again, because the hybrids will not be on the top feeding, they will be hanging close to the bottoms. This will continue to as late as the first part of April. Though the hybrids don’t spawn, they still run up river just as if they did, and respond to fishing just as if they were in the spawn.

Whenever you are fishing in someplace new, one of the most important things you can do is get to know the locals.  At this particular location, there are some excellent local tackle shops available to help you.  After all, this lake is top rated and people come from everywhere to fish it.

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