Beginning Bass Fishing Lures

When selecting a spinnerbait remembers there are two different kinds of blades, each with its own form of attractant.  Spinnerbaits with round cupper blades are designed to attract fish through sound.  These baits are best used when light conditions are real good or real bad.  In extreme low light the sound may be the only way to attract fish.  In high light conditions the sound simply adds to the appeal of the bait.

The other blade is shaped like a willow leaf and called a willow leaf blade. This blade is designed to maximize the reflection of the sun and create a visual attractant to the bass.  This style is best used when you need to get the most out of low light conditions.

Spoons are the final type of bait I will discuss.  Typically a bait for different species, though I have found they are quite useful for catching large bass in shallow water.  They are much like a crankbait in that they can be retrieved rapidly.  I like to find an area of heavy weed and retrieve this lure just outside the weedline.  Spoons are by no means weedless so you need to make sure you stay outside the weedline.

This in a nutshell describes the four main types of bass fishing lures.

Mastering the use of these lures will make you a better fisherman and keep your live well full.

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