Five bass fishing baits

4.      Jigs – All bass anglers should have a variety of jigs on hand when fishing. They can be used successfully in almost any type of environment and they come in numerous colors, styles and sizes. Jigs can be used anytime and in most all fishing situations.

5.      Spinnerbaits – You can get a lot of attention from the bass when using
spinnerbaits. They resemble the baitfish that attracts bass and they are an excellent choice when trolling.

There is no way to say exactly which type of bait would work the best for you. It depends on so many different things such as the water conditions, the weather, the time of day you go fishing and so forth.

Basic Bass Fishing Tips

Now that you have a good idea of which baits are good for bass fishing, here are a few more basic tips that will help to enhance your overall fishing adventure. The bass will hide out in all types of structures and this is where you will find them in larger numbers. They prefer not to be in open areas or in direct sunlight. This is why many anglers prefer to go night fishing.

Always carry along a well-stocked tackle box each time you go bass fishing. This way, you will always have access to the items needed for any occasion. Go through the tackle box frequently to keep it organized and up-to-date. All hooks should be sharp and in good condition for the best results. Replace any items that are old and worn out with new ones. If your tackle is not up to standard, then your fishing trip could end up in disappointment.

Keep in mind that presentation is everything. The art of bass fishing is much more than simply throwing out a hook with bait on it. You need to take time to learn the correct way to present your offering to the bass in order to entice more strikes. Practice makes perfect and you can have lots of fun while learning. Never be afraid to experiment, that’s how you discover new methods of fishing that will work well for you.

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