Five tips for using artificial bass bait

Fourthly, tailor your bait to the type of bass that you are trying to catch. For example, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, striped bass and white bass may all go for different types of bait. White bass tend to go for spinnerbaits whereas smallmouth bass tend to go for plastic lures. Again this varies from area to area so be sure to do your research in advance.

Finally, find your comfort zone. Many bass fishing enthusiasts prefer certain baits and lures to others out there purely and simply because they feel more comfortable using them and thus have greater confidence in their abilities to catch bass from one day to the next. You should therefore try several artificial baits out to see which ones you feel more comfortable with using before you actually settle into a regular pattern. However, you should be ready to change baits at any time to make sure that your catch rate remains high!

The tips above may not be bass fishing tips that you are used to reading but they may well be the most valuable tips that you ever read in terms of using artificial bass. After all, all five apply to every single time that you use them instead of specific lakes or times of year. Taking this information on board will really help you to improve your fishing technique for the years to come.

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