Tactics for catching a 22 pound largemouth bass

Basic tips

Some of the best tactics include a few basic tips that you may be taking for granted. Therefore, it’s a good idea to go over these and refresh your memory.
For example, it’s a good idea to take an assortment of baits with you on each fishing trip. You never know for sure what the bass will be the most attracted to and this will allow you to experiment to find out which bait they prefer in any given situation.

The largemouth bass tend to hang out in areas where there is plenty of cover. For this reason, you need to use lures that allow you to get around structures and weeds where the largest fish may be lurking about. Topwater lures work the best in grassy or weedy areas and spinnerbaits and crankbaits work well in other areas. You may also find that using live bait has many advantages and can help you catch a good size largemouth bass.

The way you present your bait is one of the key factors that will determine if you bring home that 22 pound bass or not. If the bait is not presented correctly the bass will not strike. They will swim away from anything that appears abnormal. If you are reeling in the line too fast or if the baitfish you’re offering is swimming towards the bass instead of away from them, they will ignore it.

Learn the characteristic of the bait you’re using and take advantage of the design. Take every opportunity you have to improve your presentation and you will attract bigger bass each time you go out. Remember that the size of the bait is vital to your success. You can’t expect to catch a 22 pound bass with small bait. They will swim right pass it and look for a more inviting meal. Use these tactics and tips for reeling in the big bass and you can make your dream of catching that 22 pounder a reality. Have fun bass fishing and good luck!

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